Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chapter 9: Zipz

I helped the old men finish loading up their boat. It was a small fishing ship, nothing worth mentioning. As we loaded I learned more about them. The two men were called Phil and George. They were fishermen by trade, though back when they were younger they were adventurers. Which brought them to the first reason why they were looking for Captain Foreange. About twenty years before they were treasure hunting in Vlandstar Proper. At one point they blew up a hill and ended up freeing the Captain from an Angry mob of Gnomes. The Captain promised to rewarded them, but they hadn't found her since. But thanks to that adventure they gained their nickname, the Hillbusters. I was about to inquire about the Girl, when we finished packing up the Ship and Phil said, "Time to eat." We went to a nice inn, where we ate and played cards. It wasn't until we left late that night that I realized she hadn't been with us that night. And by then it was too late to ask about her. We returned to the boat, where we drew lots for who was sleeping where. I got the poop deck, where I quickly fell asleep.

Something sat on me and I woke up. The sun was just rising over the horizon and already I was being sat on by a pig. It was a little black and white pig, like a Dalmatian. George came over to me.

"So Jimbo here sat on you, 'aye. Well get up 'cause we leave in five minutes," he said. I stood up, much to the annoyance of the pig, and went over to the cabin situated the center of the deck. There I learned the plan.

"So how good are you with the crossbow?" Phil asked me.

"Umm, okay," I replied, puzzled. "Why do you need to know?"

Phil just laughed. Goerge replied, "You didn't really think that we were going to sail, did you?"

"Well actually I did," was my answer.

By then Phil had recovered. "Don't be silly. Were gonna shoot this grappling hook into one of the ships and have it pull us," he said.

"Oh," I replied, wondering how I ended up on a ship with a bunch of cheaters. They cheated at cards too. Then the massive ships of the Marenas set sail. I quickly shot a grappling hook into the boat and off we went.

The first few days were boring. There was nothing but water and waves. But it started to get interesting once we reached our first island...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter 8: Illeelo

Illeelo led The Order of the Golden Eyed through the inner labyrinth of the castle of Jangar. As he led them he came to think of how he got in this mess.

It happened long ago, on a diplomatic mission with the Ajarhad. He was going with his brother, Kertith. The mission was mainly on aardvark trade, but the relations between the dragon and the Ajarhad were weakening, and there were rumors of another war between the elveniods and the dragons. They landed ashore in southern Murton after an accident with some human fishermen with anti dragon weapons.
"How were we supposed to know they had balistas? We have better tell Rubiellin that they are prepared for another war." he whispered to Kertith.
They wore vests to show that they were messengers, so they had no problems from the Ajarhad and other inhabitants of the Kingdom of Ice, though there was harsh stare, and some readied their bows. They soon arrived at the Palace of Ice. King Thorrad came out to meet them with his guards and translator. After their first negations they learned it was environmentalist who were hurting the aardvark trade. They spent the night there and Ileelo met the princess, Echo. She was about 12 years old then. That night Kertith snuck out the room. Illeelo heard him and began to follow. Eventually he found himself in the council chamber, with the council dead. He then rushed to the kings chamber but was to late to save him. He now knew what was going on.
"Cyrus, I summon you!" he shouted. A wisp of smoke floated in and it materialized into the demon himself..
"What do you want, Ileelo?" the demon whispered.
" If you prevent him from hurting the princess and any others I will be your."
"So be it."

Later war broke out, and Kertith was exiled, now knlon only as Scourge.

Illeelo turned into a room. It was filled with a cold liquid.
"Its mango juice!" exclaimed Talmera.

Dragon blood has many properties, one is that in certian dragon it explodes when mixed with mango juice.

Illeelo slit his own throat.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Writing Systems of Grendaw

The languages of Mansoar are written in many ways. The Elvin languages use an alphabet with many straight lines and few curves. There are no lower case letter. Examples are included in Figure A. The Dwarvic languages are not as standardized. The Dwarves use the Same system as the Elves while the Frostlings use a pictographs. Each one stands for a different word or idea. See figure B. And those Gnomes use a weird alphabet that connects each letter. And it is written left to right. And it has capital and lower case. See figure C. Not surprisingly only some of the Goblinoid Languages have a writing system. These are the Hordes, the Kobolds, and the Sea Goblins. All the other languages are unattested (meaning no form of writing is found). Though the Orcs seem to communicate over long distances with smoke signals and hides covered in Dots. But I have not deciphered either one so I say they do not have a writing system. The Hordes use a vowel less writing system. You have to figure out where vowels go. this makes it annoying to decipher. An example of how annoying are the High Goblinish words melkin (fire) and milken (water). They look the same when written out in Hordish: mlkn and mlkn. For that reason Low Goblinish uses a slightly modified system where an accent is placed over the letter after the vowel. There is no lower case. See Figure D. Kobold has no cases and uses different arrangements of circles/ovals to represent syllables. See Figure E. Now the Sea Goblins once again confuse everybody, by having an extremely weird alphabet. It just Attested to their other worldliness. And it has cases. An example is F=g and R=u. Very wired, is it not. Despite all of the Lizardmen speaking different languages, they all use the same writing system. It is an alphabet, with cases. It also is weird like Gnomish Script, being written left to right. There are occasionally pictographs used to make common words easier to write. See Figure F. All the Fanatic Languages use the same writing system too. It is a pictographic writing system, like the Frostlings. But the Fanatic pictographs are much simpler and more abstract. See figure G. Finaly there are all those Isolates. Luckily none of them have a writing system, as far as we know. Well the Darkanth are too mysterious for us to know about their writing and the Dragons can't write, due to thier size. The Vibrobugs have no language. But the Tirap communicate only in pictures and can lazer blast them into object, complete in color. So I guess they have a writing system. And while the Mountain Men don't have a writing System they do have a sophisticated form of communication using string, beads, knots and color, that is too hard to explain. Figure AFigure BFigure C
Figure DFigure E
Figure F
Figure G

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Languages of Grendaw

In the Vlandstar Epic, it seems that everyone speaks the same language, English. This is not the case. It seems where many people speak many different languages, the language that will be presented as English will be the person who's point of view it is. The language groups of Manosar are Elvin, Goblish, Dwarvic, Lizeese, Nomad, and Isolate. Now for a short analysis of each group: (the Language names are in the English translation)
Elvin Languages-
Vlandstarian- Spoken by Vlandstar, Zipz and the Pox Plains. Sounds like a cross of Spanish and Romanian.
Eastron- Spoken in the Elvin Kingdoms. Sort of Like French+Italian.
Northron- Spoken in Murton. It is weird because it sounds like a mixture of Galician and Finnish.

Dwarven- Spoken in the Dark mountains by the Dwarves. Kind of like German.
Frostling- Spoken in Murton and in the Realms of the Frostlings. It is like Icelandic or Faroese
Gnomish (this will be written in Roman Script Gnomish)- Beznezin ez spocken en Vandstare Propear. Et ez zumut yike Eenyish.

The differnet tribes speak different languages. The most important ones are:
High Goblish- Spoken in the highlands of Murton by the Green, Red and Grey Hordes. Is like Czech.
Low Goblish- Spoken in the Plains of Murton by the Blue, Black, Brown, Yellow, and Pony hordes. Is like Slovak.
Kobold- Spoken in the tunnels of the mountains of Murton and Alswan. It is like Polish.
Orca- Spoken by the Sea Goblins. It is like Russian.
Orcaine- Spoken By the Murton Orcs. It is similar to Serbian.
Orcam- Spoken by the Jinkath Orcs. It sounds like Bosnian.
Orcath- Spoken by the Gorbath Orcs. It sounds like Croatian.
Trolite- Spoken in the Trollands of Murton. It is compared to Bulgarian.
Orgrish- Spoken in Northern Alswan. It is like Belarusian
Andinite- SPoken in Southern Alswan. It can be compared to Ukrainian.

Lizeese- Each Species has its own language. The three most important will be mentioned.
Deserteese- Spoken in the Deserts of Alswan. It is like Turkish.
Moutaineese- SPoken in the Mountains of Alswan. It is like Mongolian.
Jungeese- SPoken in the Jungles of Alswan. It is like Turkmen.

Nomad- The languges of the desert. Human tongues. Again most common languages.
Altic- Spoken in the Western Desert. Like Sanskrit.
Mecha- Spoken in the River Valleys and the Coasts. Like Urdu.
Dunpan- Spoken in the Mid-Desert. Like Farsi.
Petka- Spoken in the Eastern Desert. Like Kurdish.

Dragon- A language of Grunts, whistles, roars, squeels, squeeks, growls, and other sounds.
Darkanth- Spoken in lands unknown. Carried to Grendaw by the Darkanth. Like Mohawk.
Tirap- Spoken by the Tirap Traders. Not actually spoken as it is picture appearing above your head.
Methar- Spoken by the Great Mountain People of the Mountains. Like Quechua.
Vibrobug- Spoken by the Vibrobugs. Or it is assumed since the Vibrobugs don't talk.
Much Much More. Next up, writing systems.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Races of Grendaw Part1

Well, due to some unforeseen problems, there has been a production delay. It would have been nice to know this two months ago, but You learn it know.
-Mythos Wyrm
Chief Author, Editor, and Production Manager

The races of Manosar are varied. Here are the most important ones.
Humans- Primary Race in Grendaw. Secondary race in Alswan. Not important in Murton. Average Magical Ability 5.5/10 on the Klipspringer Scale. Average height 5'4" for males and 5' for females. Look in a mirror you imbecile (unless you are a dog elf)
Elves- Primary race in Grendaw. Insignificant everywhere else. Klipspringer- 6.2/10. Average height 6'2" for males and 5'11" for females. Look like a human with long hair, pointy ears, and a british accent.
Ajarhad- Primary race in Murton. Not important in the rest of the world. Klipspringer- 6.9/10. Average height is 7'8" for males and 7'6" for females. Pale skin, dark hair, horned.

Dwarves- Primary Race in Grendaw. Secondary Race in Alswan. Klipspringer- 3.8/10. Average height is 3'3" for males and 3'1" for females. They are short, hairy, and bearded. There noses are big.
Gnomes- Found only in Vlandstar Proper. Klipspringer- 7.8/10. Males average 1'11" and the females average 2'5" in height. They are short, annoying, live underground and deserve to be squashed under your foot without a second thought. Males might be bald. Males might also be bald in pretty much every other race, but elves. Elves are to cool for that.
Frostlings- Live on their boats in the north sea. Klipspringer- 5.3/10. Average 4'5" for males and 4'1" for females. Have blueish skin, icy blue hair and are traders (not traitors).

Goblins- Live in Murton. Not important anywhere else. Klipspringer- 3.1/10. Average height is 5'6" for males and 5'2" for females. Greenish skin. Look like you. Often bald. Speak with a funny accent. Smell like Frenchmen (that was not a compliment).
Orcs- Live everywhere. Klipspringer- 3.9/10. Average height is 6'7" for males and 6'9" for females. Have darkish blueish skin and horns. Have long hair. Are extremely warlike.
Kobolds- Live in the Mountains of Alswan and Murton. Not in Grendaw. Klipspringer-6.2/10 Average height is 56" for males and 55" for females. Mostly bald, have big eyes, and tannish skin. Look like Gollum, ish.
Trolls- Live in Murton. Klipspringer- 1.8/10. Height- 15'4" for males and 12'6" for females. Large, strong and come in this weird fuchsia color. Often have short spiky hair. Mohawks are a current fashion. They have pointed noses and big ears.
Ogres- Live in Alswan, and to some extant in Murton. Klipspringer- 2.7/10. Average height is 12'7" for males and 10'9" for females. They are also large, strong and come in this cool neon green color. They have smaller, more humanish ears than trolls. Their hair is sparse in the males and overly common on females. They have ram horns on the side of their head.

Lizardmen(and Dragons)
Dragons- Live in Alswan. Klipspringer-5.3/10. Are huge. Come in many colors.
Lizamarus Kantorios- The Desert Lizard- Live in Aslawn. Klipspringer- 4.9/10. Average height is 5'11" for males and 5'10" for females. They are humanoid but have scales, no hair and a tail. Their heads are reptilian. Surely you know what a lizardman looks like. Theyu are basically human lizards. The Lizamarus Kantorios has golden scales and have the look of a monitor lizard. They are cool and live in the desert.
Lizarmarus Frijäs- The Mountain Lizard- Lives in the Mountains of Alswan. Klipspringer- 5.7/10. Average Height is 5'2" for males and 5'5" for females. They are more graceful than Lizamarus Kantorios. They have a frill and come in greens and greys. They have small horns. They are graceful. They look more like frilled lizards than monitors.
Lizamarus Skalosus- The Jungle Lizard- Lives in the Jungles of Alswan. Klipspringer- 6.2/10. Average height for males is 5'3" and for females is 5'2". They are red in color and are more serpantine than the others.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Races of Grendaw: Humans

The humans are the most powerful race in Grendaw. They inhabit almost all of it, with the exception of the Great Forest. In the desert live the Nomads and the Fanatics The fanatics are worshippers of one of the Sylvanic gods. They live in large cities and dislike the Vlandstarians. The nomads live throughout the desert and are often contracted by the fanatics to do things like farm, build and be mercenaries. The nomads worship eitherr of the houses of the gods. The Vlandstarians live in the Northern half of Grendaw. They worship the Fridgian gods and often are farmers and other types of craftsman. The people of Zipz are reelatesd to the Vlandstarians but are independent are are usally saliors. The mountain people live in tribes throughout the Dark Mountains. Hunters and smiths by trade they create powerful items carved with runes. Some of their lands are claimed by the Vlandstarians but they are ruled by nobody but themselves. The people who live in the plains between Vlandstar and the Desert are mainily farmers and herders who are related the the people of Vlandstar. On the continent Alswan there are some people known as the Yugaburtheos. They live in fudeul style kingdoms and are often fighting each other. That sums up the humans in the world Manosar.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Concept Art

This is a powder type concept art. To see it put the following code it the white bar above the game screen and press set. the game is here. the art only works when stopped. the code is here. It is posted by ganondorfchampion was posted on August 25, 2008 at 6:17 PM. Click show spoiler at double click until the whole thing is highlighted. copy and paste then go to powder and do the above directions. Comment on how you like it.